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Global Insurance

Work with a partner that understand global business dynamics and the intricate nature of international insurance and risk management programs.

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In today’s borderless business realm, mastering multinational insurance isn’t just important—it’s imperative. Every country presents its unique blend of regulations and challenges, and what’s covered at home might leave you exposed abroad. From fluctuating laws to subsidiaries grappling to secure localized insurance, the path to global business can be riddled with potential pitfalls. Our seasoned international commercial insurance experts stand ready to guide. We have a proven track record in molding comprehensive risk management strategies, bridging coverage gaps, and ensuring businesses are compliant everywhere they operate. With us, global business isn’t just possible—it’s seamlessly secure.

The Components of Global Business Insurance

While businesses operate globally, they face distinct risks in different regions. The Horton takes these nuances into account, offering customized solutions tailored to regional needs. Their approach is not just holistic but also deeply localized, ensuring each enterprise receives the best-suited guidance.

While our team will cover the basics such as:

  • Property Insurance: Protects assets like buildings, equipment, and inventory against damages in any country.
  • Liability Coverage: Safeguards against claims arising from injuries or damages that the business might inadvertently cause in its global operations.
  • Automobile Coverage: For businesses with vehicle operations in multiple countries, this component provides protection against potential road mishaps.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Ensures that employees injured during the course of their duties, regardless of their location, receive the necessary medical attention and compensation.

They will also ensure the entire risk management process is seamless communicated and operations across borders. The Horton Group’s service addresses this by ensuring there’s a coordinated approach to risk management, bringing together their international team’s collective knowledge.


OSHA workplace safety

Top Multinational Insurance Risks in Today’s Landscape

Cover your business from the diverse world of multinational insurance risks, revealing essential coverage areas for today’s businesses and individuals.

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Health Insurance: Covering the Global Citizen

Navigating the intricacies of health insurance becomes even more vital for expatriates and inpatriates. Temporary health coverage ensures the wellness of those living away from their home country.

Auto Insurance for Tourists: A Mandatory Shield

Traveling abroad with a vehicle? Equip yourself with temporary auto insurance to meet the compulsory legal requirements of your destination.

Kidnap & Ransom: Safety in Unpredictable Environments

In an unpredictable world, securing a kidnap and ransom policy safeguards against unimaginable scenarios, providing peace of mind for both businesses and families.

Cargo: Protecting Goods on the Move

Cargo insurance is indispensable for businesses transporting goods internationally. It assures the safety and value of assets while in transit.

Supply Chain Risks: Ensuring Business Continuity

Unexpected disruptions in the supply chain can cause massive losses. Incorporating risk management with contingent business interruption coverage minimizes the financial strain.

Political Risk: Navigating the Global Chessboard

Investing or operating abroad introduces companies to volatile political landscapes. Political risk insurance helps counteract the unforeseen implications of global politics on business operations.

Credit Risk: Ensuring Financial Security

In an era of global trade and collaboration, credit risk insurance is paramount. It shields businesses from potential defaults, ensuring financial stability.

Surety: Strengthening Business Commitments

To fortify contractual obligations, surety bonds are pivotal. They act as a guarantee, ensuring that contractual tasks are completed as promised, fortifying trust between businesses.

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Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately-held risk management and commercial insurance brokerage group. Becoming a partner means you’ve earned a premier market position, a history of growth, and remained committed to a breadth of services based on quality and integrity.

Horton is proud to be on that list.

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