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Member Pays Zero – Self-Funded Heroes

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Have you ever heard about direct contracting and thought “that is a great idea,” but it must only be for jumbo-sized employers? Then you won’t want to miss this discussion. 

We built The Zero Card so that everyone could finally access healthcare the way they wanted and deserved. The Zero Card is the unified solution for the Member-First Economy, and it’s our goal to help your clients get the best care for the best possible price.

Not to mention with Zero, everyone wins.

  • Our direct contracted bundles are saving the plan, on average, 40+%. This savings is after network discounts.
  • We are a no-risk solution. We only get paid when someone uses The Zero Card.
  • Members pay zero dollars; it’s entirely free for the employee and their family. We eliminate the employee’s co-pay and deductible, so there is no out of pocket.
  • We are using data, technology, and plan design to help employers make decisions and deliver world-class member experiences. 
  • By adding the Zero Card to your existing plan, you can enhance the experience for members with no disruption. That’s because The Zero Card sits outside of the current health plan.

Please join us to learn more and discover just how quickly ZERO adds up!

carrie barth
zero card 

Carrie Barth has worked in the HR and Benefits industry for nearly 20 years. As a seasoned sales leader, she is passionate about solving one of the biggest problems in healthcare and is focused on addressing cost, quality, and convenience for self-funded health plans and their members. Carrie brings a unique perspective to the industry as she has worked closely with benefits advisors as well as HR technology platforms allowing her to consult with hundreds of employers throughout her career. Carrie is currently the Director of Sales at The Zero Card, a leader in the bundled out-patient based direct contracting space. Her mission is to educate and bring this solution to every self-funded employer as a bolt-on solution.


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