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Turn the PPP unveiling into a communications win

Friday, July 17, 2020, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM CST
Turn the PPP unveiling into a communications win

Kara Hamstra and Kyle Adams from Sikich Public Relations will describe how business leaders can respond effectively to questions from reporters, customers, and employees about their PPP loans. They’ll explain how, with the right preparation, businesses can turn even the toughest questions into positive branding opportunities.



Kara Hamstra / SIKICH LLP

Kara Hamstra is a director at Sikich Public Relations with 16 years of experience in business-to-consumer PR. At Sikich, Kara leads the consumer product division of the full-service PR team for a wide variety of clients, including high-end juvenile products and health-related organizations. She handles crisis work at Sikich, including client counsel, corporate communications, and media relations for data breaches and other reputational issues. Prior to joining Sikich in 2013, Kara worked for two large, international PR firms working for the world’s leading CPG companies.


 Kyle Adams / SIKICH LLP

Kyle Adams is a director at Sikich Public Relations. He develops and executes marketing communications, media relations, social media, and content creation programs to help companies raise brand awareness, promote products and services, and showcase thought leadership. He’s worked in industries ranging from management consulting to electronics manufacturing. He also helps brands manage their reputations and navigate crises. In addition to his experience in public relations, Kyle has worked in journalism as a writer and editor.


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