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Unplugged with Neil Howe: Generations in the Workplace, Going Beyond Buzzwords – South Bend, IN

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
South Bend, IN
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Unplugged with Neil Howe: Generations in the Workplace, Going Beyond Buzzwords  – South Bend, IN

Registration is from 7:30 – 8:00 A.M.

From the big picture of generational cycles to practical insight into how generations engage, communicate, and work together – generational diversity is a major force behind changing customer preferences, establishing new markets, and deciding how to deploy capital to ensure the success of your business operation.

Today’s business environment encompasses five generations working together. Often, we run into difficulties understanding each other and communicating effectively. After all, each generation has different personality traits as well as a different view of the workplace and its role in everyday life. Conflict and disagreement are to be expected. Those driven to be an organization where people strive to excel together ask themselves “What employer do we want to be?” and “How will we achieve a higher level of performance?” Five generations certainly can get along and provide the best experience possible – but it takes time and work. Neil Howe, renowned generational expert and President of Life Course Associates, explains how each of these generational perspectives has formed, how they are fundamentally different, and how these generations succeed each other.
In our special unplugged segment, Howe will explain the remarkable pattern in American history, a cycle of recurring eras driven by generational changes. Using this proven historical method, he offers a roadmap that truly explains where America is today – and, more importantly, where it is heading, all while showing how to unleash the potential of all generations and foster productive relationships between them.
The presentation will be followed by an open forum, moderated by Michelle Trueblood of the Horton Group, for the audience to engage directly with Howe. In this session, we will dive deeper into the trending topics in today’s workforce to discuss how employers, executives, managers, and supervisors can manage and improve generational misperceptions and barriers, therefore creating a valuable and better employee experience.
The following topics will be covered and further explained, but are not limited to:
  • Work-life balance
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Talent acquisition
  • Culture & recognition
  • Employee engagement
  • CEO activism
  • #MeToo and more!

 Neil Howe / Managing Director of Demography at Hedgeye and President of Saeculum Research

Neil Howe is a historian, economist, demographer, and a leading authority on generational trends. He coined the term, “millennial generation,” and is the bestselling author of over a dozen books, including GenerationsThe Fourth TurningMillennials Rising, and The Graying of the Great Powers. Howe is the Managing Director of Demography at Hedgeye and President of Saeculum Research, which helps managers and investors anticipate changes in markets, consumer preferences, and the public mood. Howe has served hundreds of clients—from Nike and Fidelity to Disney and the U.S. Marine Corps.


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