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Why ERISA Plan Design and Documentation Matters

Thursday, September 26, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CST
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All employers who sponsor health and welfare plans must have plan documentation and provide an SPD to participants.

However, there are so many questions to consider. How do we design our plans? Do we use wrap documents or create separate plans? How does that impact our filing and reporting requirements? What are the common problems with plan documentation? We will also discuss ways that missing or incorrect information or documentation creates legal risks for the employer. 



Principal / Benefit Comply, LLC 

Regan Debban has worked as an attorney for a major Fortune 500 company as well as for a PEO that provided benefits and HR services to small employers. She has also worked as a legal researcher for Thomson Reuters. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Regan worked as an account manager in a leading Minneapolis area insurance agency, so she understands the issues facing employee benefit consulting firms and agencies.

Sarah Grcevich

Senior Consultant / Benefit Comply, LLC 

Sarah Grcevich is a compliance consultant for Benefit Comply, where she assists employers dealing with employee benefits compliance challenges. Prior to joining Benefit Comply, Sarah worked in compliance and public policy for a major health plan, and also served as the HIPAA privacy official for a health insurance technology company.

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