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New Technology Could Improve Performance & Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

New Technology Could Improve Performance & Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

Super humans were once only found in comics and movies. Today, ordinary humans are becoming “super human” with new technology allowing them to move and lift heavy materials at the workplace – safely and with ease.

The technology that is making “Iron Man” is often a powered exoskeleton built of components like hydraulics, levers, pneumatics, and motors with a power supply. The powered exoskeleton evolution began for more medical and military-use and part of a greater trend “wearable robotics.”  Now the trend has taken a shift and is starting to gain the attention and traction in the private sector. In particular, the attraction comes from businesses where employees have physically difficult or dangerous jobs.

Employers in the manufacturing, construction, and warehousing industries are starting to see that there could be some practical real-world application in their own operations – making work easier and safer for their employees. It may seem hard to believe, but the reality of a group of super human workers is becoming more likely! As the cost of the skeletons continues to drop – with a posture reminder that these exoskeletons can be purchased for as low as $300 – more and more businesses are thinking about the benefits of efficiency for work and safety these suits could offer. It’s easy to make the case for this emerging technology, less accidents could translate to fewer workers’ compensation claims – an area that hit employers hard in both soft and hard costs.

Here are a few interesting videos worth checking out:

With every new advancement, comes questions – is there a downside to this technology? What if the suits only provide more problems than solutions? Only time will tell, but the new generation of “super human” is certainly on the horizon. 

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