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The C-Suite of Corporate Education

Friday, April 26, 2019
The C-Suite of Corporate Education

Do You know the True Advantages of Learning Management?

If you are an organization that does not currently utilize a learning management system (LMS), you may find yourself experiencing a variety of employee issues that could be completely mitigated by investing in a simple software platform. 

Learning management systems are web-based portals designed to deliver online training content and track attendance for instructor-led courses.  While formalized learning management was originally developed and marketed for higher education in the late 1990s, the software has made major waves in the corporate space and proven beneficial for both employees and employers alike.  


Organizations with 100+ employees are often stunted by a lack of “centralized communication.”  Email distribution lists prove difficult to maintain and regulate, while communications posted to private intranet domains rely upon employees to check the site for up-to-date information, frequently.

Funneling corporate communications through a learning management system enables administrators and front-line supervisors tracking of employee engagement with the required content.  It also provides a repository of material for employees to refer back to at any time.  

Paired with calculated email marketing campaigns, materials housed in learning management systems can drastically enhance communication efforts and hold employees to a higher standard of accountability. 


By uploading company procedures to a learning management system, companies can ensure that the appropriate employees are apprised of updates to internal protocols as soon as changes are made.  Employees may be immediately prompted via an automated email to review the pertinent documentation by a certain deadline or, for less time-sensitive updates, they may be required to review the content at pre-determined time intervals (quarterly, bi-annually, annually, etc.).     

For new employees, rules can be set within learning management systems to assign coursework based upon job title, department, or any additional user profile fields defined by the organization.  This automation results in a tailored and seamless onboarding experience for new hires.  


Depending upon the industry and business location, federal and state regulations mandate training on a variety of topics including but not limited to sexual harassment, discrimination in the workplace, privacy, bloodborne pathogens, etc.  Learning management systems make it simple for HR teams to administer online training, whether it be custom coursework developed internally, or content purchased through a third party vendor.  

Additionally, certain professions require employees to obtain external licenses or certifications of legal authorization to do their respective work.  These documents can be uploaded to a learning management system, and expiration dates can be easily monitored through supervisor escalations and scheduled reports to ensure compliance.

Career Pathing

As more Millennials and Gen Zs enter the workforce and opportunities abound, employee retention is a constant concern for organizations experiencing regular turnover.  A clear trend of “job hopping” has been identified for this demographic, and the reason(s) is often made very transparent in exit interviews and employee surveys.  Young professionals are most motivated when they are provided with career pathing opportunities.  

Proper implementation of learning management systems and messaging from company leadership establishes a direct connection between engagement in professional development and advancement potential.  This incentivizes learning and demystifies the requirements for upward mobility, ultimately resulting in increased retention. 

For those organizations that are new to the world of learning management, consider investing in a limited capability LMS or registering for a free trial for a more robust platform.  You will soon find that piloting this software with a strong HR team at the helm will do wonders for the employee experience, bringing your organization to newer levels of excellence and performance.


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