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Christopher Patchett

Safety Consultant

Christopher Patchett

Christopher Patchett is a Safety Consultant for Horton Safety Consultants, a Horton subsidiary which provides comprehensive safety consulting services to a growing number of industrial, construction, public entity, and service operations.

Since 1991, Horton’s Safety Consultants team has offered clients a multitude of services designed to control exposure to risk at every level of operation.

Christopher joined Horton in 2022, bringing experience in safety inspections, regulatory compliance, and strong client support and success to the Horton team.

When it comes to his work quality, Christopher is complimented most for “[his] attention to detail.”

Christopher is eager to learn and grown at Horton. He is currently working to earn his CSP (Certified Safety Professional), with this Christopher will be able to provide a deeper level of knowledge on safety practice and the skills required for practical implementation. This will make him a stronger advocate for both Horton and his clients.

Christopher earned a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environment Science from the University of Illinois Chicago. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, practicing mixed martial arts and volunteering to keep the City of Chicago clean as well as volunteering to support the homeless.

Fact File:


University of Illinois – Chicago (Chicago, IL): Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environment Science

Professional Background
  • The Horton Group:
    Safety Consultant (Worked from 2022 – Present)
  • Arcadis:
    Health and Safety Consultant (Worked from 2019 – 2022)
  • Air Quest:
    Industrial Hygienist (Worked in 2019)
  • Andrew’s Engineering:
    Environmental Scientist (Worked in 2018)