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Understanding Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance That Drives Transformative Growth

Dive into the complexities of Private Equity/Mergers & Acquisitions insurance and how it shields your financial transactions. Add value, stay informed and protected.


Customized Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance

For private equity funds, independent sponsors and strategic acquirers

Business transactions impact you and your employees. With the proper mergers and acquisitions plan, you can ensure that your employees remain protected.

You’re concerned about ROI, litigation, contracts and taxes that come with every merger and acquisition transaction. With Horton, you can relax knowing that we’re experts at navigating small, large and complex transactions that set clients up for success beyond the final coverage placement.


Horton Employee Benefits M&A Services:

  • Inventory and Benchmarking of Plans, Costs, and Premium Contributions
  • Review Policy Contract, Assignability, Eligibility Rules.
  • Benefit Plan Compliance Review and Identification of Liabilities
  • Outline Possible Benefit Transition Options and Identify Employee Impact
  • Review treatment of M+A Qualified Beneficiaries
  • Employee Communication, Benefits Education, and Enrollment Support


Horton Risk Advisory M&A Services:

  • Coverage Gap Analysis
  • Premium Comparison of Pre and Post-Transactional Costs
  • Experience Modification Rate Impact Analysis
  • Tail Coverage Consultation for all Claims Made Policies
  • Collateral Analysis for Large Deductible and Captive Programs
  • Surety Program Consultation
  • Rep & Warranty Consultation and Insurance Procurement
  • Benchmarking of Risks and Limits as Operations Grow
  • Claims Analysis and Advocacy
  • OSHA Analysis and Safety Consulting
  • Strategy for Merging Acquired Risks into Acquiring Company

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Horton takes a pragmatic approach to their consulting and diligence. They let us know what is truly important in protecting our investments and portfolio companies.

What We Do

Find your right-sized business insurance coverage.

Most insurance products are the same. What’s different is your coverage — and the relationships that get you there. We’ll help you create a commercial insurance coverage plan that protects what matters most.

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safety consulting

Protect Your Property

From company cars to commercial property, we’ll help you cover the property that keeps your business running.

discovery strategy

Mitigate Risk

Risk is inherent to business. Learn how to transfer risk and use commercial insurance to minimize your overall risk profile.

health wellness

Reduce Liability

Do you know what your liabilities are? Let’s identify the liabilities you have and work together to create a mitigation plan.

financial consulting

Safeguard Financials

Most businesses are either over- or under-insured. Protect your assets and financials with coverage that protects you and fits your budget.

Headshot of Paul Johnson, member of the Horton Group team.
Headshot of Mike Richmond, member of the Horton Group team.

The Horton team is very thorough in the diligence process identifying issues and potential areas for improvement. One of the benefits we have found working with Horton is that the diligence team is the same team servicing the target company after close. It’s been a seamless transition!

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We Do It All

We Take Risks So You Don’t Have To

Getting the right insurance for your business can transform the way you operate from day to day. When you properly mitigate risks, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Whether you seek assistance with property insurance, worker’s compensation, risk management or navigating claims, Horton has all of your business needs covered.

All Business Insurance Products

Horton helped us with diligence when we brought on a number of our portfolio companies on both Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty.

Since then, they’ve assisted with safety, wellness and also conducted a very successful P&C carrier consolidation program for all our lines of coverage, including executive risk. This resulted in over 20% savings on our annual premiums, while providing more coverage that was consistent across our entire portfolio. Horton has been a trusted advisor, and I would recommend the Horton team to anyone in Private Equity/Family Office Investing.

Navigate Compliance Challenges with Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance Experts at your side.

Horton has led our insurance and benefits due diligence on numerous acquisitions. The M&A team has done an outstanding job of summarizing coverage and identifying any potential risks or gaps.

They have also managed the insurance needs of our portfolio companies after acquisition and have done an outstanding job. We brought them in to replace an existing broker on one of our portfolio companies and were able to save 30% on our premiums while maintaining the same level of coverage. Our entire team has been very satisfied with the service we get from the Horton team.


Stay Up-to-Date on the M&A Industry

The M&A industry is evolving and your insurance coverage should evolve with it. Our team keeps up with the latest trends and compliance regulations so we can provide you with the best possible recommendations.

Our resource library includes several industry-related topics, so you’re ready to adapt and safeguard what matters.

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Turn Every Transaction Into A Transformation

Protect your investment with smart mergers and acquisitions insurance.

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