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Getting Minnesota Ready to Get Back To Work (Webinar)

Thursday, May 7, 2020, 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM CST
Getting Minnesota Ready to Get Back To Work (Webinar)

Day 41, Day 42… we continue to count the days that the Stay At Home Order has been in place, especially now as we are seeing the restrictions lighten and as companies prepare for what it means to “go back to work”.

Growing fears from both employees and employers center around; absenteeism from fear of contracting COVID-19, increased employee exposure to COVID-19, lack of proper PPE and much more.  How do we protect our employees and workplaces, while at the same time remaining a viable business?

This webinar will provide participants with the most current information, advice, checklists and tools that will provide practical and actionable solutions to re-opening your workspaces and adjusting to our new normal.


Leah Davis, CPA

As President of AEM Workforce Solutions, Leah develops customized solutions to help employers solve their people challenges.  Since joining the firm as President of AEMFleah Workforce Solutions in 2016, Leah has helped employers find creative ways to overcome HR and payroll challenges. Whether it’s developing a motivating employee performance evaluation program, implementing an integrated HR/payroll system, or designing strategies to improve engagement, Leah and her team seek what’s best for both the organization and its people.


 Laura Czekanski

Laura Czekanski oversees the Wellness team within the Consulting Solutions division at Horton Group. In this role, Laura is responsible for providing clients with expert wellness solutions including health education seminars, on-site biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and health and benefit fairs.



Gary Glader

Gary Glader is the President of The Horton Group’s safety consulting operation, Horton Safety Consultants. Since 1991, Horton’s professional safety consulting team provides consulting services to a growing number of construction, manufacturing, public entity, and transportation entities.

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