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M&A Testimonial 1

The Horton team is very thorough in the diligence process identifying issues and potential areas for improvement. One of the benefits we have found working with Horton; the diligence team is the same team servicing the target company after close… Seamless transition!
- Ryan Davis, Managing Partner, Main Street Capital Holdings

Horton established a new approach to our insurance program.  They took time to thoroughly understand our operations, correct critical issues and implement innovative concepts that give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
- Howard Spivack, Director of Finance, Big Shoulders Capital / PPL Group

Our Mergers & Acquisition Team

No  two deals are alike. 

Even those with the same deal structure are not the same. Each deal varies in complexity and has its nuances. From deal-to-deal, meeting-to-meeting, transactions move quickly - you must never lose the intellectual capital gained through the acquisition process.

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M&A Testimonial 2

Horton helped us with diligence when we brought on a number of our portfolio companies on both Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty.  Since then, they’ve assisted with safety, wellness and also conducted a very successful P&C carrier consolidation program for all our lines of coverage, including executive risk, which resulted in over 20% savings on our annual premiums, while providing more coverage, that was consistent across our entire portfolio.  Horton has been a trusted advisor, and I would recommend the Horton team to anyone in Private Equity/Family Office Investing.
- JP Zvesper, Principal, Jacsten Holdings

Horton takes a pragmatic approach to their consulting and diligence.  They let us know what is truly important in protecting our investments and portfolio companies.  Their process includes program diligence, insurance program ROI,limits benchmarking and more. It’s a valuable process that also saves time and resources.
- James Nally, Growth Catalyst

Horton has helped us with diligence and post-close insurance on multiple deals. Borgman has appreciated their professional and systematic approach that highlights the most important issues within P&C insurance and Employee Benefitsfor each situation, by taking a pragmatic approach, not trying to “oversell us” on coverage or risk.  Horton has a team of pros who are active in M&A, with the experience and know how to navigate a deal to close and assist post-close to make it even better. 
David Bartelme, Managing Director, Borgman Capital

The Horton Group: A team you can trust.

The Horton Group: A team you can trust.

While the pace of mergers and acquisitions can be unforgiving, our team stays engaged in all transactions, no matter the size or complexity.

We engage in all transactions, no matter the size or complexity. We work with private equity funds, independent sponsors, and strategic acquirers that are searching for transformative growth.
We simplify acquisitions while providing clients with the necessary data for informed decisions. Our team of attorneys and coverage experts take a practical, ROI approach throughout the life cycle of a transaction, from diligence through final coverage placement.
You’ll never lose the intellectual capital gained through the acquisition process. Our teams not only provide transactional expertise but remain engaged with the operators for target company placement and service moving forward.

Scope of Services - M&A

Horton Employee Benefits M&A Services:

  • Inventory and Benchmarking of Plans, Costs, and Premium Contributions
  • Review Policy Contract, Assignability, Eligibility Rules.
  • Benefit Plan Compliance Review and Identification of Liabilities
  • Outline Possible Benefit Transition Options and Identify Employee Impact
  • Review treatment of M+A Qualified Beneficiaries 
  • Employee Communication, Benefits Education, and Enrollment Support


Horton Risk Advisory M&A Services:

  • Coverage Gap Analysis
  • Premium Comparison of Pre and Post-Transactional Costs
  • Experience Modification Rate Impact Analysis
  • Tail Coverage Consultation for all Claims Made Policies
  • Collateral Analysis for Large Deductible and Captive Programs
  • Surety Program Consultation
  • Rep & Warranty Consultation and Insurance Procurement
  • Benchmarking of Risks and Limits as Operations Grow
  • Claims Analysis and Advocacy
  • OSHA Analysis and Safety Consulting
  • Strategy for Merging Acquired Risks into Acquiring Company


Employee Benefits Issues During Mergers and Acquisitions

Employee Benefits Issues During Mergers and Acquisitions

May 23, 2019

Mergers and acquisitions create complicated employee benefit administration challenges. The type of business transaction, whether it's a stock or asset sale, can have an impact on compliance obligations such as COBRA.

Transitioning employees to new plans and combining benefits can also create compliance challenges. This session will focus on health and welfare plan issues for employers going through some kind of merger or acquisition. 

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