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Horton Group & Society Insurance Support Chicago Hospitality Initiative

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Horton Group and Society Insurance Contribute to Chicago Hospitality Initiative

As a considerable food attraction in the United States, we don’t know when it will be “safe” to sit down and enjoy a meal in a Chicago restaurant again.

This brings hardship to owners and managers who have spent their lives building such great establishments everywhere. However, it is with those great hearts that a bright initiative can emerge. And it has done so with the Fifty/50 Charities Food Donation Drive.

Through selfless contributions, including a generous grant from a tech CEO, community partners, and donors from all around, the initiative was born. Every Tuesday through Sunday, between 4:00 and 6:30 P.M., a specified free daily meal is provided at the Fifty/50 on 2047 W. Division Street. They are providing these meals to needy members of the community, unemployed workers from all industries, as well as senior centers. Beyond the meal contributions, the work allows for restaurant staff workers to be re-hired and work additional hours to prepare, package, and deliver the food utilizing safe social distancing precautions.

The Horton Group and insurance carrier partner, Society Insurance, contributed a combined $4,000 donation to this wonderful initiative by The Fifty/50. Not only is Horton proud to contribute to this initiative, but it aligns with one of the critical components to its mission – being good for the community. On May 1st, approximately 400 food deliveries went out to a variety of recipients from unemployed restaurant employees to senior home patrons.

It is these acts of kindness, which continue to spread sincere hope and positivity in a time of despair. One day restaurants will open and be filled again with hungry patrons. It’s up to us now as to how we handle what we have and how we can contribute to the good in all of our communities.

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