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GAWDA Safety Committee – Work in Process & Latest Updates

GAWDA Safety Committee – Work in Process & Latest Updates

The Gases and Welding Distributors Association’s (GAWDA) Safety Committee is always working on new things. Horton’s Welding & Gas Practice Leader, Tony Hopkins, sits on this important committee. We’re including this promotion for GAWDA Members or those considering becoming a member and aren’t aware of the association’s great content. 

GAWDA’s Safety Committee, led by Chairman Jim Herring (SafTCart), has been working hard to build new safety practices and updating policies put together in the past.  The team is built with some of the best consultants and safety professionals the industry offers and continues to provide some of the best welding and gas content available anywhere.

There are several recently published and other works in process (Sample Safety Practices), which you can access by visiting the GAWDA member login page. After you log in, click on “member-only documents.” Most of the below topics can be found under “Sample safety practices.”

  • Load Securement
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Overview
  • LPG Vendor Audit Checklist
  • LPG Flammable Storage considerations
  • Forklift Training
  • Backing and Parking
  • Cylinder Delivery Policy at Locations with Stairs and Ramps
  • HazCom Program Overview

To become a member of GAWDA, reach out to GAWDA directly or Will Cray, a Horton Welding & Gas Practice member who serves on the GAWDA Membership Committee. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for what the Safety Committee should work on next, please email or call Tony Hopkins at / 262-347-2663 (or any other member of the Safety Committee).

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