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OSHA Delays Enforcement Dates for Approach Distances to Power Lines

Thursday, March 3, 2016
OSHA Delays Enforcement Dates for Approach Distances to Power Lines

Updated ANSI/ISEA Standard Addresses Fit and Type of High-visibility Apparel

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) has received American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval for its updated standard, “ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories.”
The new standard consolidates the standards for high-visibility apparel across all industries into a single source. It also responds to concerns about ill-fitting apparel and lack of guidance for accessories by including fitting standards for garments for smaller workers, as well as specifications for accessories like headwear, gloves and armbands.

OSHA Delays Enforcement Dates for Approach Distances to Power Lines

In a memorandum released in late January, OSHA announced that it will be delaying enforcement of certain parts of the final rule regarding minimum approach requirements for exposed energy conductors until at least Jan. 31, 2017.
In order to avoid penalties, employers must do the following:

  • Assume a maximum phase-to-ground transient overvoltage of 3.0 per unit for voltages between 72.6 and 169 kilovolts
  • Abide by the minimum approach distances listed in Table 6 or Tables 10-13 in Appendix B for voltages of 169.1 kilovolts or more

The final rule was originally published on April 11, 2014, but after settling a series of legal challenges, OSHA delayed enforcement of some minimum approach distance requirements from its original enforcement date of April 1, 2015, to Jan. 31, 2016.
Now, OSHA says it will not enforce the final rule against employers until Jan. 31, 2017, or possibly later, if peer-reviewed guidance regarding the calculation of maximum transient distances is not available before May 1, 2016.

OSHA Extends Temporary Enforcement for Confined Spaces in Construction

OSHA has postponed full enforcement of the agency’s policy for confined spaces in residential construction projects. The temporary enforcement policy will extend through March 8, 2016, but is limited to residential construction. Up to and including March 8, 2016, employers who are making good-faith efforts to comply with the training requirements of the new standard or with the training requirements of the former standard will not be cited.

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