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Protect Yourself with Flame-Resistant Gear

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flash fires are fires that spread rapidly through a diffuse fuel, such as dust, gas or the vapors of an ignitable liquid, lasting up to 5 seconds. Flash fire incidents can result in serious burn injuries and fatalities, so it is important to take steps to protect yourself. Flame-resistant clothing greatly improves your chance of surviving and regaining quality of life after a flash fire. You should wear flame-resistant clothing (FRC) whenever there is a high risk of flash fire.

Who is at Risk? Anyone involved in drilling, servicing and production-related operations could be at risk of injury by flash fire.

What is FRC? The term “flame-resistant clothing” refers to any type of clothing with a flame-resistant or flame-retardant treatment.

When am I at Risk? Flash fires happen more often when the drilling process hits zones of hydrocarbons and gas, because the pressure from underground could push well fluids up the hole to the drilling rig floor. This can easily lead to flash fires.

  • Whenever your site will be drilling into identified gas or hydrocarbon zones, put on FRC before drilling begins.
  • When there is a history of fluid or gas kicks from underground, wear proper FRC.
  • Wear FRC until the final casing is cemented and the well is effectively closed.

Your supervisor will also determine whether it is appropriate to wear FRC when carrying out well-servicing, workover or production-related operations. Check with your supervisor before beginning these operations.

Maintaining your FRC

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining and storing your FRC.
  • If there is anything preventing you from maintaining your FRC, inform your supervisor.
  • Before putting on FRC each time, verify that it has no damaged parts and is completely free of tears or areas of wear.
  • If you suspect your FRC might be defective for any reason, tell your supervisor immediately.

We are Your Resource

We ask that you wear FRC because we want you to be as safe from injury as possible. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to talk to your supervisor – at , your well-being is our first priority.

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