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Some Good News Part 3: Ready, Set, and Return to Work!

Friday, June 26, 2020
Warren Olaya
Some Good News Part 3: Ready, Set, and Return to Work!

Emily Mullen & Lyndsay Zwirlein share more good news on what’s happening in the employee benefits marketplace.

  • Employers don’t have a manual on what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to reopening their workplace
  • In May, 73% of workplaces did not have a return-to-work plan in place
    • Absenteeism is at a high with workplaces that are still open
    • PPE is a complete struggle to find and place
So, what to do?
  • Maximize PPP loan forgiveness
  • Employees are watching everything. You will be remembered for how you handle the situation and bring them back
  • Everyone must keep everyone safe. Creating demand for money spend is critical.
How can we create actionable plans for employers?
  • Assess your workplace and develop an exposure control plan – finding potential areas that COVID-19 can transmit
  • Test and audit – make changes as necessary to this control plan.
    • Test, have a method for containment, and a means of source tracing.
  • Employee readiness – gauged employees how they feel about re-entering.
    • Employees will host the best insights into risk exposures.
Good news: it’s a time of innovation, focusing everyone on becoming more efficient.

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