Fit for the way you run your business

The world of HR is complex and tedious. That’s why Zenefits integrates tools and people apps into one place—so work flows with ease.


By implementing Zenefits, companies have the opportunity to: 

  • Spend up to 90% less time on payroll and benefits
  • Streamline and reduce administrative overhead
  • Spend 50% less time onboarding new employees
  • Reduce paperwork and complexity
  • Focus on developing human capital and growing their business

Or questions regarding Zenefits, contact TJ Connors at tj.connors@thehortongroup.com or 312.989.1472.

Ben Connect + People

Horton & Zenefits Combine to Offer You the All-In-One Benefits & HR Solution

Leverage Horton’s benefits expertise and Zenefits innovative technology to bring convenience and savings to your bottom line.