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Living the Value of Good Work for the Community

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Living the Value of Good Work for the Community

Being a special company means doing work that goes beyond normal business hours – it’s about intentionality in everything you do from walking into work to providing for your family, and supporting the community.

Orland Park, IL: In partnership with Cornerstone Services, a leading not-for-profit IL-based social service agency providing services for adults and children with disabilities, Horton employees constructed and installed “micro pantries” at various Cornerstone locations. The micro pantries serve as an additional storage unit for non-perishable food, and important items, including baby diapers, which are open to donations for replenishment.

“It comes down to the fact that employees come together to help make our vision a reality, not for Horton, but because it’s who they are. We should all be proud of the impact made on our customers, communities, and each other by being driven, excellent, and together,” said Dan Horton, President, and Chief Sales Officer.

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