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Wisconsin HBS Receives 2017 Humana Leaders Club Award

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Waukesha, WI – The Horton Group, a leader in innovative insurance, risk advisory, and employee benefits services, won a coveted 2017 Humana Leaders Club Award for most participants engaged in Humana’s wellness program.

Approximately 80 agents across the nation receive a variety of high-end recognitions from Humana. “We received this top-award and it is a really good partnership for us with Humana,” stated Rae Anne Beaudry, Executive Vice President of Benefit Solutions. 

Humana’s wellness program is one of the only in the marketplace that gives you credits back based on engagement. This means for every 20% of engagement you have with a client in this program, that’s a 1% reduction off of the renewal in their total health program. “This is literally living wellness while helping our clients reduce their work load, their costs, and their risk,” stated Beaudry.

About The Horton Group

Horton is an insurance, employee benefits and risk advisory firm that leads clients with complex needs and limited resources to a higher level of performance. We help clients understand enterprise risk and offer solutions to turn these perceived costs into a competitive advantage.


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