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For many, virtual work happened overnight. While some enjoy it, others miss the hustle and bustle of being in the office. As it’s still unknown when most offices will fully reopen, it’s safe to say that many businesses will continue to support the work-from-home environment. Many employers have found this to be just as successful and productive as in-office work. One new challenge this poses is maintaining the office culture. This is where virtual components of a wellness program can help keep your employees engaged, active and working together.

App-based wellness technology has skyrocketed over the years and provides digital tools to engage your employees. Building this into your overall wellness program allows for digital tracking that can be done anywhere! Most of the time, app-based technology is paired with outcomes-based wellness programs, where employees need to “work” the program throughout the year, allowing them to engage in various areas of well-being. Employees are offered specific rewards throughout the year as incentives to meet the program goals.

App-based wellness technology offers many services to improve your culture and create a robust wellness plan. We’ve touched on several of these below: 

Disease Management 

Comorbidity factors affect the cost of both Workers’ Compensation and health insurance. The number of Workers’ Compensation claims with a comorbidity diagnosis has tripled since 2000 – leading the way are hypertension, substance abuse, diabetes, chronic pulmonary and obesity. This is where disease management and chronic condition management can have the biggest impact. If we can engage those with multiple comorbidities, we can reduce the potential risk exposure to the medical plan.

Activity and Nutrition Tracking

Physical activity and proper nutrition are two important ways to engage in one’s health. Being mindful of these daily habits and encouraging physical location changes can lead to positive health outcomes.

Mental and Emotional Health Resources 

A robust wellness program incorporates both physical and emotional well-being. Mental and emotional health resources are a key component to a successful program. Many participants want digital access and the autonomy to use these resources at their own comfort and leisure.

Financial Tools 

Financial concerns are ranked as the number one stressor amongst Americans. Digital financial tools and access to financial planners are a great way to provide employee support in this area.

COVID-19 Daily Symptom Tracking 

Daily support and reassurance, including tracking symptoms day-to-day, can help participants feel secure in their daily activities.

Telemedicine and Redirection of Care 

Heightened during the pandemic, telemedicine has proven to be easy and direct access to care, providing employees with same-day consultations at their convenience.

Why Virtual Now?

Virtual wellness programs allow your employees to work towards a common goal and engage in their overall well-being. From the employer side, app-based programs allow for better reporting, aid in their overall culture, and provide a sense of camaraderie between employees. The right vendor should offer most of if not all, the services listed above. Knowing the priorities of your employee population should help determine the best vendor to foster a true culture of wellness at your organization.

For programs that have been disrupted during the ongoing pandemic, Horton’s Wellness Consulting team can assist in building out programming in setting your program back on track. If you’d like to start offering biometric screening or a formal wellness program, please reach out.

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